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Spirituality and ADHD – Oldest Known Written ADHD Reference

Does ADHD enhance or interfere with your spiritual development?

Play a ‘wandering minds want to know’ game with me! It’s called:

What is the oldest known written reference to ADHD?

It is an everyday activity for me to read new research about ADHD and coaching and therapy to better serve my clients. I also nurture my personal search for spiritual growth and development online. I think my ADHD is an asset to my spiritual growth and development. On my spiritual search, I was sent to an ancient text called The Cloud of Unknowing written by an unknown but influential authorThe author was Christian, probably a monk, and his writing influenced Christian thought from AD 500 to the present.

The ADHD nerd that I am loves that I got no further in my reading than the introduction page where I found the presently undisputed and oldest known written reference to the behavior now known as ADHD. The 1922 translator prefaces the mentioned ancient quote with an explanation of the nature of the unknown author:

Nothing is known of him; beyond the fact, which seems clear from his writings, that he was a cloistered monk devoted to the contemplative life. It has been thought that he was a Carthusian. But the rule of that austere order, whose members live in hermit-like seclusion, and scarcely meet except for the purpose of divine worship, can hardly have afforded him opportunity of observing and enduring all those tiresome tricks and absurd mannerisms of which he gives so amusing and realistic a description in the lighter passages of the Cloud. These passages betray the half-humorous exasperation of the temperamental recluse, nervous, fastidious, and hypersensitive, loving silence and peace, but compelled to a daily and hourly companionship with persons of a less contemplative type: some finding in extravagant and meaningless gestures an outlet for suppressed vitality; others overflowing with a terrible cheerfulness like “giggling girls and nice japing jugglers”; others so lacking in repose that they “can neither sit still, stand still, nor lie still, unless they be either wagging with their feet or else somewhat doing with their hands.” Though he cannot go to the length of condemning these habits as mortal sins, the author of the Cloud leaves us in no doubt as to the irritation with which they inspired him, or the distrust with which he regards the spiritual claims of those who fidget.

I love it! I especially love that there are spiritual claims of those who fidget! Imagine that?

I believe the text stands alone in an early written message that people with ADHD are mistrusted in their spiritual sincerity. So, does spirituality require that a body doesn’t move? Yet I suspect that many pastors, rabbis, and imams live with ADHD because it allows easy access to their spirit, hence the phrase moving in the spirit.

Let’s take a message about ADHD Awareness to our churches, synagogues, and mosques. And, the next time you see a squirmer in church remember they nurture their spirit in ways that look like fidgeting.

Call Maureen Nolan, the ADHD Whisperer at 404-713-0488 for information about professional support for your fidgeting needs.

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Coaching for the ADHD Whispers

I am an ADHD Whisperer…

I am your ADHD Whisperer…and I Hear Your Whispers

‘Do I have ADHD’, you whisper to yourself when no one can hear you. Why can’t I pay attention? What’s wrong with me? Why do people get so angry with me? What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you have ADHD and if you do you are a survivor and it’s time to thrive.

I hear your whispers:

I’m afraid, I’m not smart, I’m confused, Something is wrong with me, I’ve felt like something is wrong for so long that nothing feels right anymore…

Your whispers are the real source of your strength. The opposite of every whisper is the truth…

I’m brave, I’m smart, I understand, All is right in my world. 


With a calm, down-to-earth, and natural manner, Maureen Nolan, LAPC aka the ADHD Whisperer connects to clients using methods like centering and deep breathing.  Her adept interpersonal skills permit Maureen to communicate to clients a new level of self-respect using the principle of Gradual Progress of Mind.  Capable of perceiving the nuances of body language and the movement of the brain, she helps clients develop a new belief in themselves and hope for the future.  She speaks a language built on respect and compassion, and every individual feels the confidence she has in him or her to be led out of the maze.

Maureen knows whispers are more important than yelling.

It is easy to compare the ADHD Whisperer to a horse or dog whisperer and the comparison is valid. A Whisperer uses his or her knowledge of the mammal brain and mind and gently applies it to the errant behavior being discussed. A client’s intentions behind the behavior are regularly misinterpreted by others in their lives causing grief and sadness. Maureen whispers that there is hope for the future.

ADHD is a human explanation of an irregularity in thought and movement. It shows up in a neuro-diverse person when least expected. Children and untreated adults do not know why they do the things they do but an astute observer like Maureen will discern the true nature of their intent and separate the truth from the myths or wild explanations that they have lived with for so long.


Contact Maureen Nolan, LAPC for your first Whisper session. 404-713-0488

My clients bring their secrets and sorrows, and their aspirations and challenges into our sessions. They are brave and bold enough to find out how to make changes in their lives. They are innately creative, resourceful, and strong and so are you.

Will you bring your whispers to life? Let your innate curiosity and creativity breathe and thrive with self-knowledge and new choices. What do you want? What do you need? Bring to life a new, true, and dynamic self by coaching with Maureen Nolan, LAPC.

I hear you whispering: Can Maureen help me? 

Call Maureen Nolan, LAPC now at 404-713-0488 and find out how she will help you. Coaching with Maureen is good for your health and your life.

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Maureen Muses on Attention

Musings on Attention

Maureen’s Musings on Attention

What Is Attention?

Attention is as important as Food, Shelter, and Clothing. Without attention, it’s not possible to obtain and keep the necessities of life. Listen for eight minutes to her interview on why it’s important to take care of your attention.

Maureen Nolan, M.A. is a specialized life coach on attention and ADHD/LD. She works in Decatur, Georgia and on the phone. Her clients range from local to Dubai. Maureen is only a phone call away for your questions on your state of attention.

404-713-0488 or


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It’s Never Too Late for Learning

Was I the ADHD Class Clown?

Or was I just deaf?

I was the class clown. Yep, 59 years old, in a master’s program in counseling and I had my fellow students roaring when I asked questions or replied to the professor. And I’m telling you, it hurt. OUCH.

My questions and answers in class were important to me as both gauge my level of understanding the material being taught. I don’t remember ever being laughed at so much in a classroom and I think it’s because I learned to be invisible. This experience is new yet ages old. At first I was bemused when there was a littler tittering at my comments and I was a little embarrassed. But then, one day I was truly embarrassed and knew I had to learn something about how I was in this fix.

I came to understand what was happening the day my hearing aid was fixed. Are the two separable in my unplanned research experiment? You the reader can make up your mind as there is no control group. Prior to the hearing aid, I was actively engaged in classroom discussions, as usual reading lips, scanning visually for who was talking as I’m not accurate with my auditory radar, and I was really interested and stimulated to participate.

It changed the day I used the hearing aid, raising my sensory awareness of how fellow students reacted to me. I was appalled. It’s about how living with ADHD/hearing loss is misperceived. I understand how comedians are born in classrooms. In a short moment, I knew how, if I was young I could turn the class on its ear and become ‘a problem.’ I knew why the young ‘un who received laughter had to explore why she was being laughed at – it’s an adventure in self discovery only this time I had the tools to manage my emotions and rise above their misunderstanding.

“Oh, Maureen,” the professor said to my comment in class one day, ‘you are usually so abstract in your comments.’ Sigh. ‘Why are you being so concrete now?’ The class is in an uproar, turning and looking at me in the back of the classroom. He could have turned my observation into a teaching moment with some targeted questioning. But the point is, he didn’t and he embarrassed me in front of my classmates. It’s a multi-cultural group, mostly 20-30 years younger than I am and I have a different academic, cultural, and ethnic point of reference.

That being said, in a moment I was back in second grade, startled, a little scared, surely embarrassed and beginning to sink into a black hole of obscure invisibility. I have gone down, down, down this road many times for as long as I can remember. How can I, a coach and student turn from my well-worn path into obscurity, and learn from the incident in a way that will inform my coaching (someday my counseling) and educate the world about life with ADHD?

I see now that cute, ever curious child who once said to a group of adults talking about semantics, ‘isn’t that the Jewish religion?’ and hear their laughter and feel diminished again. And I see the scared eight year old child who knocked on the door of a home in a neighborhood where I was lost (oh, the story). I said to the lady of the house, ‘can you please take me home?’ But, when she asked me in I said, ‘Oh, no, I can’t go into strangers homes.’ She smiled at me. And then there’s the time the neighbor called my mom to say I was up on the roof (3-story) with my legs hanging over the ledge. If you’re like me, you know what happened with mom and that it’s only the tip of the tales I could tell.

Thank all you ADHD coaches for the work you do. I can still get teary and become very young and hurt from a communication misunderstanding either abstract or concrete, yet quickly pull myself out of the hole using the practical tools from ADHD coaching to move past this event. Now I know that I make a difference for someone like me by practicing ADHD coaching.

You do, too. The little girl in me thanks you.

ADHD Awareness forever.

Maureen Nolan


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ADHD Life can be Scripted by Ignorance

Ignorance is No Excuse!

how-to-write-ebookFollowing the law in the United States requires knowledge, not intuition. If you don’t know the law, it’s no excuse if you break it. When I was in Catholic school, a nun became angry when I broke a rule of hers. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know about the rule. Naivete was no excuse. She wanted me to backtrack my behavior and behave appropriately in order to make her happy. That was going too far. I can only twist so much. My ignorance was no excuse to the law that was broken. But that did not excuse her behavior.

When My Real Life Began

The kind of ignorance that I refer to is a lack of knowledge. My personal story is written throughout my blogging. Continue Reading →

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