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Do you get stuck in too many emotions? How is your Emotional Intelligence? People living with ADHD may have more emotions at one time than they can manage. How is your Emotional Resilience?

Maureen Nolan provides a broad base of therapeutic and coaching support.

  • ‘I support your growth in awareness of attention in all parts of your life.’
  • ‘I support your personal growth and the value of your intentional change.’
  • ‘I believe in the importance of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and in creating community.’

Are the details of your life getting all mixed up in your managing them? Attention symptoms can arise under stress. Untreated that may lead to depression, anxiety, panic, or to addictive tendencies. Living with a chronic experience of ADHD may include the above and more.

3 common areas of attention deficits:

  • In Relationships (Partners, Families, Marriages, Business Decisions);
  • In Employment (Can you get and keep a job); and
  • In making time for fun. Do you have more or less fun than is good for you?

Are you creative? Artists, actors, producers, poets? Are you an athlete? Are you self-employed?

Attention symptoms that may trouble you are inattention, distraction, or mental or physical hyperactivity as well as

  • Executive function challenges such as time management, organization, prioritization, decision-making and
  • Academic and leadership challenges

Contact Maureen and together Co-Create a new way to manage your life!

‘Let’s set out together on an adventure for your self-discovery and life changes.’ 404-713-0488

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